FreshVinyl Surface Protection Films, antimicrobial

FreshVinyl™ Surface Protection Films

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FreshVinyl™ antimicrobial and bacteria films enhance the look and function of your surfaces when and where safety and hygiene are paramount.  

Check back soon to learn about the select authorized converter partners that can help solve your (re)opening and staying open challenges by applying this new product to your surfaces.  By using one of our select few authorized converter partners, not only will you receive the best adhesive and liner combination wherever you are, you’ll also receive priority service and fulfillment by experts that care and get it done whether a single location or thousands.  After all, your busy enough with (re)opening and sustaining your business in this "new normal".  Simply specify what surfaces you need enhanced, and we’ll take it from there.  No surface is too big, small or inconsequential because they all matter when your objective is the confidence of your employees and customers.

In addition, we’re investing in time saving equipment to size the finished product to your exact measurements; store by store, location by location, counter by counter, door by door and screen by screen, etc.  All data will be app-driven and collected at time of purchase to ensure accurate transfer to production and shipping.  Complete an order by midnight and it’ll be ready to ship as early as the next day (some limitations apply).  Service at its best.  In addition, we offer a subscription service that automatically delivers a renewal package of what you need, specific to a location, in kit form, at the frequency you determine.  Whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, your renewal kit will be automatically manufactured and delivered ready to apply.   

Stay tuned for more about these exciting capabilities brought to you in partnership with our select authorized converter partners.  Together, we've got you covered.  FreshVinyl™.

For additional information, please review our product specifications.  Product Specifications